Auditions and Rehearsals

Casting male and females for lead and featured roles for an independent film project on August 23rd & 24th at 7:30pm at the Rubidoux Community Center located at 5473 Mission Blvd, Riverside, CA 92509. Call backs on August 26th. This project is unpaid and non-union. Please bring a resumé and headshot with you. You may also email info to and 24 hours prior to the audition.

SYNOPSIS: – “Career Day” is a short film about six reluctant high school students who, while attending their career guidance class, learn about the efforts made to provide equal educational opportunities to all. The story is a blend of modern day youth enthusiasm, racial discrimination, and historical information that overturned the ruling for school segregation in 1954. The students discover their own potential to succeed in their pursuit of higher education, their careers and dreams for the future.



Mrs. Kendall: (African American female age 32-42) Mrs. Kendall is a high school Career Guidance teacher. She is very passionate about youth and recognizes the importance of education in America. She is a citizen of the community and accepted the job with the intent to give back to her community by motivating her students to pursue higher education.



Damien Mitchell: (African American male age 15-17) Damien is a slacker student who is very smart but does not apply himself nor take responsibility for his actions. He has a crush on Jewell but thinks that he could never measure up to her standards.

Jewell Kennedy: (African American female age 16) Jewell is witty and smart, driven and a very outgoing student. She is focused and on the fast track to an early graduation. Although she gives Damien a hard time she secretly has a mad crush on him.

Kierra Smith: (African American female age 15Kierra is an insecure student who has the potential to be great, but is stuck in mediocrity due to her concerns about what everyone thinks of her.

Amanda Lewis: (African American female age 15) Amanda is a smart mouthed, boy crazy student who makes average grades. She is mostly quiet and does not participate in class discussions but perks up at the opportunity to talk about boys.

Bailiff: (Caucasian male age 38) A District court employee who calls the court to order and swears in the witnesses.

Judge Jenkins: (Caucasian male/female age 62) The presiding District Court judge in the Brown vs. The Board of Education Topeka Kansas case (US District court-Topeka).

Attorney James Dawkins: (Caucasian male age 42) The Defendant representing the Topeka School District in the Brown vs. The Board of Education Topeka Kansas case (US District court-Topeka).

John W. Davis: (Caucasian male age 46) The Respondent in the Supreme Court hearing of the Brown vs. The Board of Education Topeka Kansas case.

Thurgood Marshall: (African American male age 43) The Prosecution/Petitioner in the Brown vs. The Board of Education Topeka Kansas case /Supreme Court Case.

Reverend Oliver Brown: (African American male age 34) A member of the class action law suit filed against the Topeka School District in the Brown vs. the Board of Education Topeka Kansas / Supreme Court case.

Mrs. Leola Brown: (African American female age 33) The wife of Reverend Oliver Brown, mother of Linda Brown.

Linda Brown: (African American female age 8) A student who was denied the opportunity to attend an all white school near her home.

Mr. Johnson: (Caucasian male age 49) The Principal of the Topeka School District.

Receptionist: (African American female age 27) Assistant to Mr. Watkins

Mr. Watkins: (African American male age 37) A NAACP Representative.

Earl Warren: (Caucasian male age 60) Chief Justice in the Supreme Court hearing in the Brown vs. The Board of Education case.

Jurors/Justices/extra students (12 Caucasians: 9 male, 3 female) non-speaking roles for classroom scenes, jurors in the Topeka District court, and justices in the Supreme court case of Brown vs. The Board of Education. We also need volunteers for film crew.

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